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Englisch für alle
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    Use this area to introduce yourself to the group. Where do you come from? What are your hobbies? What do you like about English?
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    In this area you can share your thoughts, texts.... about our website www.englisch-fuer-alle.de
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Kendra hat einen neuen Beitrag im Thema Goodbye ! This forum will be deleted geschrieben.
P.S. The forum will be deleted on the 26th of September
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Hi all old and new members,those of you who received my Newsletter already know that I can't do "Englisch-fuer-alle.de" anymore. It was a fun project but very few people were interested. Two days ago I've opened a new children's book shop and I'm redecorating my English book shop thet will re-open o...
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We spent some weeks in Finnland when our daughter was about 3 years old. We had hired a wooden house in the middle of the Forrest. As it was raining very often I asked myself "Why must it rain all the time?"But our daughter answered "Mom, it's only water!" Then she took off her clothes and took a sh...
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Kendra hat einen neuen Beitrag im Thema Poem of the week - your ideas geschrieben.
Tell us about your favourite rainy day memories! Mine is going for walks with my daughter when she was about two years old, taking her little Winnie-the-Pooh figures and a plastic boat and letting them swim in huge puddles.
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Just a quick idea: If you've got too many strawberries or they don't look that good any more you can purée and freeze them in small portions - use them later as a sauce for a yummy dessert like Panna Cotta, for a smoothie or as a first layer for a fruit cake.
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So cool you're here! Welcome!
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